I am a UX designer and technology leader at Visura with a focus on UX design and strategy for tools, CMS, and growth products — working hard to chase down great ideas and distill complex processes into clear user experiences.

Principal Designer & Technologist @ Visura

UX Lead @ Shutterstock
NYU Entrepreneurial Institute
Adjunct professor @ SVA
Contributor @ NPR.org

Code: CSS, JS & PHP
Content: Early career experience as a photo editor and content producer


🧒🏽 Dad. 🏂🏻 Snowboarder by winter. 🚵🏽 MTB by summer. Giver of credit, taker of responsibility, curious learner.

12 minutes of inspiration:
Joi Ito "Now-ist"


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  Family poster, 2022
Family poster, 2022
  GL @ Mt. Hood, 2002
GL @ Mt. Hood, 2002

Graham Letorney

Designer and tech leader, working to build tech for the creative class.
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